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My name is Devon Beckett. I am a software engineer with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an undying passion for computers and technology. In 2014 I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Software Engineering. Since then I have been working as a system software engineer with a focus on network technologies.

I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies including, but not limited to, stargazing, photography, gaming, virtual reality, and hiking. I also dabble in music, cooking, 3D printers, and hobby electronics. I tend to cycle through hobbies a lot as every time I pick up something new, I discover a vast world of knowledge unknown to me before and I always end up learning something new in the process. I love trying new things and learning about the world around me.

Throughout all of these shifting interests however, I always fall back to computers. They have always been a point of focus in my life. I often marvel at the sheer complexity of computers and how easy it is to take them for granted since they have become so ingrained into nearly every aspect of society. I am not trying to be profound or anything here, I am just amazed at the technological marvels of computers and what they have allowed us to achieve. It is really freaking cool!